A Word about Diacetyl


A Word about Diacetyl

First, Mushroom Vapes does not purchase nor sell products known to have diacetyl as an ingredient.  Diacetyl is most commonly used in butter and vanilla flavorings.  If you like the buttery flavor of microwave popcorn then you know what diacetyl tastes like.  Diacetyl is perfectly safe for ingestion but not inhalation.  Workers in the microwave popcorn industry have experienced serious respiratory disease due to prolonged exposure to the flavoring.  You can read the OSHA report on Diacetyl here

It must be noted that all this hype about Diacetyl arose from respiratory disease that arose in FOUR workers in a California Microwave popcorn plant.  Acetoin and Acetyl propionyl are also found in these types of facilities Acetoin and Acetyl propionyl have been used as substitutes for diaceytl.  According to the CDC, Acetoin has not been proven to cause the same problems.  Acetoin is found in many every day foods;

"Acetoin is naturally found in fresh apple, cooked apple, leek, cooked leek, corn, honey, cocoa, butter, roasted coffee, cheeses, yogurt, milk, wines, beer, fermented tea, scallops, crowberry, quince, and other sources." https://www.osha.gov/dts/sltc/methods/validated/1012/1012.pdf  

Manufacturers of Food Flavorings are aware that their flavors are being used in the vaping industry.  Most of these manufacturers, if not all, issue disclaimers about this fact.  For example, here is the Flavourart disclaimer.:

"Disclaimer: We produce and sell FOOD FLAVORS which comply with Italian and EU legislation and EFSA  recommendation. They are safe for FOOD use as they are intended to enter the body by the digestive system, not by lungs.
"Digestion involves acid breakdown, enzyme attack, and kidney and liver processing. Vapor by the lungs goes directly in the blood stream. Even though due to absence of combustion, vaping can be compared to odor smelling in open air, consumption of food flavors by vaping has not been specifically tested for safety. Flavourart srl can not be held responsible for any claim or damage arising by the use of food flavor by the means of electronic devices as E-vapers, E cigarettes and similar."  http://flavourartexpress.biz/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=19

What is strange to me is that Flavourart claims that their products are meant to be ingested and not inhaled yet they manufacture products like "MTS Vape Wizard" and "Bitter Wizard" which would serve no purpose for ingestion.  The MTS stands for Mellow Thick Smoke. This is proof to me that Flavourart is not being totally honest with us in this instance.

Flavourart in no way claims to have removed ALL diacetyl from their products.  In fact, they claim on their website that they have removed Diacetyl from MOST of their flavorings...but not ALL!

The Flavor Apprentice is also open in their disclosure.  First they state that they have no flavors containing Diacetyl. Second, they clearly mark the products containing acetoin and acetyl Propionyl, even though these two substances are still being studied to determine whether they are harmful or not.  They also include information from a chemist who states that it is possible for diacetyl to to be inadvertently produced during the manufacturing process of  acetoin and acetyl propionyl.

OSHA states that these two substances have not been proven to be safe.  So it is important for us (the vaping community) to be educated and judicious about what we do. 

"Examples of FlavorsThat May Contain Diacetyl and Substitutes
  • Dairy flavors (e.g., butter, cheese, yogurt flavors).
  • "Brown" flavors (e.g., caramel, butterscotch, brown sugar).
  • Other flavors (e.g., butter pecan, some fruit flavors)."
The above quote is taken from the following OSHA document.

If you like to vape flavors that contain notes of custard, butter, brown sugar, etc. be aware that regardless of what flavor manufacturer you use, one of the three butter flavors are in them although Diacetyl has been largely removed from the flavor industry because of the established regulations regarding manufacturing of it.

Not Medical Advice, just my opinion.
Be smart about your body and listen to what it tells you.  If you experience any respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, eye irritation, or sore throat as a result of using electronic cigarettes, STOP USING THEM.

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